Kangacruz - Aspire SS

Designed and Engineered by us in Canada

 Individually Custom Modified and Custom Built, when ordered, one cart at a time in Canada.

The Kangacruz Aspire SS, Mini Portable Golf Cart, features all the Aspire RS and more.

Sturdier, More Powerful, Greater Ground Clearance and with More Options an Features, than any other similar cart on the market, with the Strongest and Most Rigid Collapsing System available and exclusive collapsing system that collapses with the push of a button.

  • Collapsible, Easily Collapses in Height and Length with the Strongest and Most Rigid Folding System on the market, collapses easily height wise and POWER assisted length wise collapsing standard (no pushing, pulling and shoving to collapse or expand the cart)
  • Streamlined Rounded Front Design,
  • Left side Sport Steering Wheel and Accelerator Pedal,  for Ease of Operation and Handling as well as driver and Passenger comfort
  • Front and Rear Adjustable Shocks and Suspension for Great Ride Stability and Control and Passenger Comfort,
  • Horn, LED Headlights, Taillights, Signal Lights
  • Rear Flip Down Seat, for 2 extra passengers and it also flips down into a convenient cargo carrier for easy transporting of  laundry, firewood, coolers, etc., now with larger seat area and side grab rails for extra safety
  • Battery  charge indicator
  • Keyed ignition Switch
  • Standard, Front and Rear Seat Hand Rails
  • Standard 16 inch tall Tires with Polished 8 inch Aluminum Rims (optional 13 inch tires with Aluminum/Steel Rims) (16 inch shown)
  • Powerful 2000 Watt High Torque Motor
  • Hard Top Roof with flip down windshield, painted to match the cart
  • Fits in most 5 ft. and larger pick up truck beds and most larger SUV's, Horse trailers, etc.
  • One Year Factory Warranty
  • Easy To maintain, durable, comfortable and fun to drive
  • Affordably priced



  1. Size: In "drive position", not including roof assembly:  89.5" L x 37.5" W x 47" H with Standard 16" tires or 45.5" H with Optional 13" tires In "drive position", with roof assembly: 89.5" L x 37.5" W x 74." H with Standard 16" tires or 72.5" H with Optional 13" tires, Completely Collapsed in height and length: 59" L x 37.5" W x 32" H with Standard 16" tires, with Optional 13” tires, 30.5” H    
  2. Weight: approx. 325 lbs., with 12 volt, 50 AH x 3 Batteries or approx. 395 lbs. with 12 volt 80 AH x 3 Batteries, + or - depending on configuration
  3. Seating capacity: 4 persons
  4. Batteries: Standard: 12 volt, 80 AH X 3, sealed, Maintenance free,  Optional: 12 volt, 55 AH x 3, sealed, Maintenance free
  5. Battery Charger: Standard: outboard, 10-amp, auto cutoff, Optional: onboard 20 amp fully automatic, with battery diagnostics, multi stage charging, auto maintenance mode and trickle charge
  6. Motor: 2000 Watt, high efficiency, 36 Volt,  DC Motor
  7. Controller: Curtis controller
  8. Speed Control: Foot operated traditional accelerator pedal for smooth operation
  9. Directional Control: Forward/Reverse switch conveniently located on main dash control panel
  10. Lights and Horn: LED Headlights, Taillights, Turn signals and Horn all standard
  11. Maximum vehicle speed: approx. 15 km/h depending on terrain.
  12. Steering: Rack and pinion
  13. Brakes: Regenerative electromagnetic braking, with Electromagnetic parking brake
  14. Braking distance: <4m
  15. Suspension: Adjustable, Front and Rear Shocks and Springs
  16. Maximum grade ability: approx. 30 degrees
  17. Pay Load weight: approx. 600 lbs. (including passengers and load)
  18. Charge time: approx. 6 to 8 hours, depending on battery discharge state.
  19. Running period of a charge: approx. 6 to 8 hours, depending on type of use and terrain
  20. Travel Range: approx. 50 km, depending on terrain and battery configuration.
  21. Frame: Full Aluminum Square Tubing with MIG Welded, high tensile steel suspension sections and Maintenance free, Power Assisted, Dual Rail Collapsing System
  22. Body: PP - Molded polymer-reinforced plastic
  23. Tires: Standard 16 x 6.50 - 8 Tubeless on Polished Aluminum Rims or Optional 13 x 6.50 - 6 on Aluminum/Steel Rims

Available Colors:  

Specifications and colors are based on information available on printing and may change without notice due to option configuration or manufacturing changes

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* We can ship your Kangacruz Aspire SS anywhere in Canada and the USA,

and we take care of the Customs import paper work for you,

Contact us for a shipping quote.