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Kangacruz - Mini Golf Carts
ShowroomAt Kangacruz we have raised the bar for mini golf carts.  We offer unique elite line of mini golf carts and scooters to make an enjoyable experience of getting around campsites, getting firewood, ice, bring laundry to the laundry area, going to the pool, seeing the sites, etc.  We have a cart to fit any of your needs.

Our carts are also great for equestrian use, the race track and anywhere a small electric vehicle is needed.

Being RV enthusiasts at Kangacruz, we saw the need for a Totally Portable Electric Vehicles, that could be easily transported regardless of the type of RV you own.  Allowing you the convenience of a golf cart at your campsite, so that you can easily get around the campground and surrounding area, to get firewood, ice, bring laundry to the laundry area, going to the pool, etc.

This inspired our original uniquely designed Kangacruz Aspire.  Perfect for RV enthusiasts, they were foldable and easily stow inside most pickups, and SUVs or on a hitch mounted platform. Allowing you to easily transport them. 

Since then, The original Aspire has been discontinued and from listening to our customers, we have added new and totally redesigned carts, the Aspire RS and Aspire SS models as well as the Joey and Jax scooters and the latest Aspire RS-T

The Aspire RS and Aspire SS models, are sturdier, more powerful, with greater ground clearance and with new options and features, to suit all of your needs, in all areas of use. 

The Joey and Jax, and the new Aspire RS-T,  can be used in areas where golf carts are not allowed, such as state and provincial parks. (check your local bylaws)

 Our Aspire SS is Designed, Engineered and Individually Custom Modified and Built in Canada exclusively by us.  It offers an exclusive collapsing system which is the strongest and most rigid collapsing system system available and it  collapses with the touch of a button.  There is no other cart like it on the market.

Our carts are great for RV'ers, Equestrian use, Race Tracks, Airports, Farming, Senior Communities and more.

Have a look at our different models and options, we have a cart to fit all your needs.  Our carts are, Unique, Collapsible, light and can fit inside most SUV's and pickups, inside horse trailers or on a rear platform behind most trailers and fifth wheels. (verify hitch & frame ratings) They will even fit inside some some storage compartments of some larger motor homes, fifth wheels and trailers.

If you have ever been on vacation or in a situation and dreamed about having the convenience of your own golf cart, but never had the means to transport one ...

... you don't have to dream any longer ...


We open the doors to new possibilities.